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Approach: Combined Analyte Sensor for Mineral Processing Circuits.

New sensors using hybrid fluorescent organic/inorganic materials allow for simultaneous in-line measurement of critical solution parameters (e.g. pH, Eh, metal ions, organic reagent concentrations). Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials are porous inorganic/hybrid crystalline solids that have applications in catalysis, separation analytics, and in sensing. They are increasingly being developed and tested in the areas of metal ion, small molecule, and biomolecule sensing in aqueous media. The sensing modality is primarily based on absorption of emission of light, often with fibreoptic light delivery and recovery, making it ideal for sensing in complex mixtures and in harsh environments.

This HDR project is the second stage in our efforts to develop sensors based on these materials for leaching applications in mineral processing. The synthesis and testing of the materials as bulk solid sorbents for target analytes is being undertaken on this project. This HDR project comprises of the development, fabrication and testing of fibreoptic probes that use MOF materials as the sensing medium. This is being followed by the design and implementation of fibreoptic sensing in the existing pulp chemistry monitoring platform of the primary industry partner, Magotteaux.


Jingchun Zhou


University of South Australia

Key Contacts

Principal Supervisor:
Professor David Beattie

Email: david.beattie

Ph: +61 08 8302 3676

Professor Marta Krasowska
Professor William Skinner
Professor David Lancaster
Associate Professor Anton Blencowe
Chris Greet, Magotteaux

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