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This project focuses on grouted geophone sensors in drill-holes related to mineral exploration and production activity. The grouted geophone sensor will measure ground seismic activity in three planes: vertical, transverse and longitudinal. The vibrations produced due to seismic activity are measured by frequency changes, dependent on the distance of the sensor from the vibrations and the surrounding rock characteristics.

This project will fuse the existing geophone seismic wire drilling data, the time series rig inputs collected during drilling and the analysis of the scanned drill core sample. This data fusion will utilise machine learning and be complimented with laboratory measurements of rock hardness, tensile strength, and Unconfined Compression Strength (UCS).

The end research goal is to relate seismic wire drilling data to various physical properties and lithologies.



University of Adelaide

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Principal Supervisor:
Dr Mark Bunch


Ph: 08 8313 4292

Professor Nigel Cook
Professor Anton Kepic

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